More shameless remarks

Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 18:16 | Posted in Blogosphere, Personal | 2 Comments

Why more shameless remarks by Larko? After all, Larko's shameless remarks does exist and is doing considerably well. But I felt that I would need another platform for my posts and WordPress just seemed to be the one to use.

The posts are not going to be a mirror of shameless remarks senior. At least not entirely. Some posts will appear in both sites but there will always be entries in both of them that are not mirrored on the other site.

WordPress seems to be a mighty impressive tool. It will certainly take some time before I get used to all the features available. If and when I am busy to get something posted, I might post it to "remarks senior" for practical reasons. On the other hand, there will propably be posts that require the technical finesse of WordPress and would not look particulary good with the tools available in Multiply. I guess the time will give me guidelines on how to proceed.

I hereby declare More shameless remarks by Larko officially opened. This will be a cool adventure.

I, myself and me


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