Bad news travels fast – and gets even worse

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The bizarre incident that hit the blogs during the weekend involving Moni, a German blogger bullyied by the non-profit NGO Transparency International – Deutschland e.V travels fast around the World. So far it has been covered at least in English, Estonian and Spanish. It has landed at least in North America and Far East. Even a corporate blog took interest in the case.

Meanwhile in Berlin, the events have taken an even more bizarre turn. I suggested last night that the most constructive approach to this matter by Transparency International – Deutschland e.V would be that their manager, Mrs Dagmar Schröder and their lawyer and ethical adviser Prof. Dr. Jürgen Marten would sit down and seek a civilized way to solve this conflict. I am sorry to say that they have done the opposite.

As I read through Sapere (in English) and from Moni herself (auf Deutsch) the ethical professor and champion of transparency law, the honorable Prof. Dr. Jürgen Marten has sent another e-mail to Moni. This time he is accusing her of infringing his copyright by publishing his first intimidating e-mail!

Good morning! Guten Morgen! While this claim may have some legal credit (but not necessarily), it definitely shows that these people either have no idea as how to solve a conflict or no desire to solve it in a reasonable manner. It also very clearly shows that they seem to be under the impression that they are allowed to expect the businesses a higher ethical standard than they are either willing or able to fulfill in their own conduct.

These people seem to think that bullying an unemployed young lady with no financial means to stand up for her rights is something they can just do and get away with it. No way! If they are going to start with building up their ego in courts of law, they may just as well prepare to sue a hell of a lot of bloggers and journalists allover the World.

It may be too late already to prepare the damage these arrogant people have made to a good cause. A cause that many people have faught for, risking their freedom in the worse case. Shame on you people for discrazing the very values you are supposed to defend!

The story goes on, I am afraid. Rest asure that it will be covered by this blog and a huge number of others!


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  1. there is new action in the transparency international case:

  2. […] Halten wir kurz noch das fest: Technorati verzeichnet mittlerweile weit über 500 deutsche Blogartikel zu diesem Fall. Im internationalen Bereich geht es erst jetzt langsam richtig los, bis sich letztlich die Megablogs wie BoingBoing und Konsorten damit befassen. Google verzeichnet ein schweres Sperrfeuer mit negativen Beiträgen. Morgen oder übermorgen dürfte die langsamere Presse ihre Informationsaufnahme bewertet, analysiert, synthetisiert und veröffentlicht haben. Ein rauchendes Schlachtfeld in vier knappen Tagen. Das ist eine Meisterleistung ohnegleichen. […]

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