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The Last Liberal in Central Florida tells Moni to hang in there and compares the global action of Bloggers United with George Mason's protest against the British government in 1763. In Britain itself, Tim Worstall joined the George Mason side of the dispute already on Sunday. Dave in Albany, NY concludes that the anti-corrupt have become corrupted.

Did I forget to mention Scottage in Rochdale or Jope who added the story in the Spanish news portal, thus bringing it to the attention of the Hispanic World? Osame in Sao Paulo and w.y. in Malaysia have also added their two cents.

I think what we are about to witness is a snow ball slowly getting to roll. It is still taking shape and we have yet to see how it will move about and once it starts to roll it will grow as the speed accelerates. Once the ball is moving there will be no way to stop it.

So far the story is "just" in the blogs but it is only a matter of time before it will spread out through Google to the larger general public of Internet users. The traditional main stream media is also bound to pick it up. That could happen as soon as today or maybe tomorrow.

The World wide Transparency International has actually managed to do something about fraud and corruption. As most of us can see where this is leading, the obvious question is, whether all of this will result in less transparency than before, more fraudulent business conduct, secrecy and corruption. None of us would hope that to happen which is why TI should clean up their house fast.

The damage may have surprised the TI but what is done can not be undone. When you make a mistake, the decent thing to do is to acknowledge it, apologize and take action to improve yourself. Pretending that nothing happened is out of our time. The Britons already tried that with George Mason back in 1763 and we all know what happened after that.

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