Moni wins!

Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 12:06 | Posted in Bloggers' rights, Blogosphere, Freedom of speech, Germany | 1 Comment
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Moni's lawyer Udo Vetter posted in his blog 45 minutes ago that his client has received a letter from Transparency International – Deutschland e.V. and Moni is satisfied with what they wrote. Mr. Vetter concludes that the case is thereby closed.

Moni says in her blog, that she is relieved that the conflict is finally over. She intends to take a couple of days' break from blogging. Congratulations, Moni!

While all bloggers are naturally happy with the outcome, this will surely not be the last incident of its kind, sad as it is. Attempts to censor the Internet take place allover the World more often than we realize. Most of the cases do not attract high publicity. Far too many people have no option but to comply with restricting their freedom of expression.

We must not forget those people whose freedom of speech is attacked. Moni's blog Gedankenträger has a sub-line: [man weiß ja nie], you never know. You never know who will be the next one. It might be you. Or me.

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  1. I am fighting several Civil Lawsuits. Here is my experience with the Civil Law system on my blog:


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