German ministry unvoluntarily funny

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 1:35 | Posted in Germany, hyperlink, internet | 2 Comments

The German Health Ministry seems to be under the false understanding that they have a say on the conditions under which their web site is being linked. The ministry has published its its terms and conditions for accepting a hyperlink to their site. They suggest that I would by linking to them become a party of an agreement with them and they also suggest that they may cancel their agreement to be linked to unless I comply with their conditions.

One of the conditions in this so called agreement is that the ministry expects to be e-mailed within 24 hours after setting up the hyperlink or removing it. The e-mail notice should include the URL of the web page where the hyperlink has been placed.

The blogging German lawyer Udo Vetter has sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Ms Ulla Schmidt. After establishing that he is not a party in a non existing agreement with the ministry, Mr. Vetter asks the minister how come the ministry thinks they are in a position to control or regulate linking to their web site. He also points out that in case these linking rules were written by the same people who wrote the laws regulating the German health care, it is no longer a wonder that the health care system is going to hell in a handbasket.

Listen up, all you jokers in the German Health Ministry! Send your webmasters to a lesson where they have a chance to learn what the Internet is all about and how it works. While you are at it, tell them also to find out how to track referers to your site. And do not expect and e-mail notification from me.

Update:The German Green Party Youth Organisation makes the interesting point that you could just as well attach a sticker to your car saying that all parking tickets issued to your vehicle are void. The Green Youth Organisation is also expecting to get sued by the ministry for refusing to remove the ministry’s logo from two pages in their web site. The logo in question can be seen in the ministry’s web site.


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  1. Wer im Glashaus sitzt…

    Links gehören zum Internet. Jeder darf beliebig Links setzen, genauso wie ich in einem Buch auf ein anderes Buch verweisen kann. Einige Seiten sind allerdings der Meinung, dies sei nicht so. Naja, wayne.
    Schade nur, dass es sich gerade um die Seit…

  2. […] If any testing with humans will take place, I suggest professor Ropers to test it on some civil servants in the German Health Ministry, also known as Bundesdummheitsministerium. […]

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