Maintenance blog for bloggers in trouble

Monday, October 23, 2006 at 9:24 | Posted in Blogosphere, Communities and cool stuff, Germany, internet | Leave a comment

The German blogosphere has produced a brand new community blogging tool: a maintenance blog for bloggers with problems, The idea is that bloggers who have problems with accessability of their blog for technical or legal reasons can register and post their problem. Their regular readers can check out the maintenance blog if they notice that something is wrong with the blog concerned. Bloggers may also seek advice for technical and legal problems.

The birth of this blogging tool illustrates how an idea developes from a random thought to a working concept in no time within the blogging community. Robert Basic posted the idea in his blog on Saturday by noon. Michael Wöhrer decided to do something about it and had it up and running by Sunday evening.

I suppose the technical problems are more or less the same in Germany as elsewhere. Nevertheless, a community support in German must be of high value although most Germans that I know have a very good command of English. A blogger to blogger support community is by far more likely to produce adequate assistance than support desks of blog engines.

The legal problems, however, are something unigue for the German blogosphere. You could expect almost anything in a country where you may get sued for a copyright infringement if you publish a lawsuite received for your earlier blog post. Or in a country where lawyers sue other lawyers for quoting their lawsuites.

Note to self: Must write a separate post about Marcel’s latest lawsuites.

via Thomas, Andre and Farlion

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