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Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 3:04 | Posted in Iraq, USA, war | 3 Comments
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Reading the New York Times tonight (Iraqi Realities Undermine the Pentagons Predictions) reminds me of a letter I wrote for three years ago (July 2003) to my friend Crissy in Kansas. She is a life long republican (but we get along) and as far as I know, she voted for George W Bush both times (but we still get along). With Crissy’s consent, I published our correspondence in my old site.

If you read the letter, please bare in mind what date it was written on. Saddam was still at large and very few people had any knowledge of his whereabouts. I think not many people even knew for sure if he was dead or alive.

What strikes me most, is how little of that letter I would change if I were to write it now when I know things that I did not know then. A couple of points, however, where I admit to have mistaken:

It now seems that the intellegence before the war was inaccurate, to put it politely. There are those who claim that both the British Parliament and US Congress were directly misled. That may be to go a little bit too far, I do not know.

We now know that this was a too optimistic view on transparency within US and UK governments. Not only were the US Congress and the British Parliament misled but they were outright lied to.

In the next paragraph I wrote:

I would be more than a little bit worried to know that Bush and Blair run their countries knowing as little as I do about the present situation in Iraq!

As it turns out, they do not seem to know much more than I do. And that really makes me worried. Yo Blair!

Other than those two points, I would not change much in the letter today. Except that the analogue TV transmissions are to be discontinued in Finland in 2007 (not 2006) and I practically do not watch TV at all.

Please note that if you want to comment the letter, do not use the e-mail form in my old site. It will not work and I am going to remove the form from my old pages when I get the chance. Any comments are welcome here in the blog.



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  1. I wonder if it is purely coincidental that this verdict was timed to be announced two days before the election? It might make the Democratic candidates look a bit more shaky than originally planned for.

  2. A good point, Peter. I actually thought of writing a post about it. Coincidental or not, the hang verdict is likely to encourage the traditional supporters of president B, i.e. the blood thirsty christian right-wing, to attend the poll. Whether that is enough to skip the congressial balance remains to be seen.

  3. […] Peter was also wondering if the timing of the verdict just two days prior to a crucial congressional election in the US was purely coincidental. That is a good point. Everything hooks up to everything else but this looks like a particulary bizarre and cynical attempt by the House of Disaster to affect the poll results. […]

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