Cold call determent

Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 13:04 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Cold calling is somewhat of a problem for many people who choose to pick incoming calls. I have gotten rid of my phones so I can just imagine the frustration of people who have fallen victims of cold callers. Not using telephones is guaranteened the most effective way of deterring cold calling.

There are other approaches to the problem, too. This determent requires some effort but then again, it makes you feel that much better. And it certainly is fun.

Edit: Andre has another good method. He puts the callers on hold and records their coversation with their co-workers while they are waiting.



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  1. ROFL. Ouch.

    My favorite part is where the ‘officer’ explains to the caller that he wants to send “your ass a letter”. That’s something worth trying next time a cold call comes in. 🙂

  2. Be careful as you laugh, Andre. Recovering from a mouth OP is no funny business. 😉

    I am not taking this approach to guard myself against cold calling. I installed Skype yesterday and have hitherto spoken three calls, one with my sister and two with my friends. I am not likely to get cold Skype calls.

  3. In Germany it’s ilegal to record incoming phone calls, that’s why such a murder scenery joke wouldn’t work in Germany.

    Since I started blogging, I got already lot’s of interesting stories from cold callings. Many stories begin with a cold call. I just write what I think about the crap they were trying to sell me, and see it then running Google up, being commented, so coming more information together and in the end having all that fraudulent business lying wide open for the worlds eyes.

    Not funny part of the scenery is, that some cold callers send letters from lawyers after a while, trying to preasure me to take away my notices about the cold call. Sometimes I wonder, that still so many companies are cold calling me not looking into do-not-call lists getting their piece of bad PR.

  4. It certainly is a shame that the legal situation in Germany does not allow you to take full advantage of the calls. Having read your posts, I would really like to hear a recording of some of those calls. 🙂

    Most companies using that kind of marketing methods would not be smart enough to update their registers and exclude you from their records. The German legislation is unique, of course, as you point out. You could tell me that you did not like what I wrote and send me a 1000 € bill for your unsolicited opinion. Others would call it rubbery. 😛

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