The art of complaining

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 3:24 | Posted in Finland, great britain, helsinki, music | 2 Comments

I suppose everybody knows how to complain. Quite a few people even make art of it but not as many manage to make quality art of complaining. That is exactly what these two choirs, one in Helsinki and another in Birmingham have succesfully done. The Britons do not want their contribution to be streamed from Youtube which I naturally respect. Alas, you can only watch the Helsinki video here and need to click the link to see the Birmingham version.

While the concept of complaint is the same in both contributions, there are local differencies to be noted in each of them. I am not familiar with the current price of beer in Birmingham but it is obviously high enough to have made it to the refrain. My ear did not catch that topic in the Helsinki version which is odd enough. They had otherwise almost every imaginable complaint covered so why forget one of the most important annoyancies?

via Transblawg


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  1. Do we think the same? I swear I posted the same vid reference before viewing yours ;-).

  2. A blog is the perfect place for posting complaints. I do that all the time. ūüėČ

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