Let us help them out!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 22:37 | Posted in google, Not serious, youtube | 4 Comments

For the last couple of weeks YouTube says that I am their 999.999th visitor. This must mean that nobody else has visited the site during these weeks.

Come on, folks! Let us help them out and visit the site. Or else Google will probably close down YouTube because they can not make enough revenue on me. 😛



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  1. It’s hard to show amusement in the net, because i can’t laugh. writing hee-hee doesn’t really come through. nor does writing: i find this genuinely amusing. but i do. It’s a good observation. do you mind if i use it.
    it’s not that great so probably i won’t get any laughs of it, but most people do appreciate even failed attempts to be funny.

    But it’s annoying ad. who’s behind it? Youtube should remove it.

  2. Be my quest. 😉

    I do not bother to find out who is paying for the ad but if enough people showed they do not appreciate it, there is just a slight chance to get it out of the Tube. The chance is minimal, admitted, but it is exists.

  3. right yeah…

    the last night i also had claiming like that
    and stupidly i took it seriously

    well, according to me
    we must more carefully in getting information
    in you tu be

  4. If it is printed in the Internet then it must be true. 😛

    Never believe anything at first sight. 😉

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