Iran blocks key web sites

Monday, December 4, 2006 at 23:01 | Posted in censorship, internet | Leave a comment

After all the news from Germany regarding censoship of the Internet, one almost forgets that there are more traditional countries trying to stop their citizens from accessing the free information. As Guardian writes today, Iran has blocked sites like, YouTube,, The New York Times and others. Accordong to Guardian, attempts to access the blocked sites produce an error message: “The requested page is forbidden.”

“We have asked the judiciary, who are in charge of filtering, to explain the decisions on all the sites specified but so far the only reply we have is a confirmation of the block on Wikipedia. We don’t know why,” said a senior technician with Datak, a service provider.

This somehow reminds me of the Indian government’s block against blogs last summer. It was equally impossible to get adequate information about the curtain back then. The Indian bloggers, as well as the Pakistani bloggers before them, found their ways around the curtain.

I hope the Iranian web users will as well. Oppressive governments, such as the Iranian, can by all means slow down the free flow of information temporarily but it can never be stopped.


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