Baden-Würtemberg issues desperado warning

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at 21:58 | Posted in Germany | 3 Comments

Evilblog quotes a press release issued by the Ministry of Culture in the German province of Baden-Würtemberg warning about information posted in so called killer game (Counter Strike) forums that desperado actions similar to the tragedy of Bastian Bosse would be planned for tomorrow. The public boadcaster SWF SWR reports that te police has warned schools about possible desperado action in connection with the St. Nicholas Day tomorrow.

Let us hope that this is just a hoax. But let us keep ourselves posted just the same.

Edit: Evilblog mentions a couple of other possible explanations to this news, apart from a hoax. It can naturally not be outruled that somebody is actually planning desperate actions. Then again, the timing matches astonishingly well with fresh demands by the Bavarian Home Secretary of the conservative CSU party, Mr Günther Beckstein, to ban some on line games.

Edit (7th December): Evilblog reported in a follow-up post yesterday that an 18 year old young man believed to be connected to the forehand information was found dead near his home in Offenburg. He is believed to have committed a suicide with a WW II hand gun. He was wanted by the police as a suspect.



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  1. Hi Larko,
    the public broadcaster is called SWR since a few years and not SWF anymore, btw 😉

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, Evilboy. I am old enough to have listened to their medium wave transmissions long before the age of Internet and remember them as Südwestfunk. 😉

    The error has now been corrected.

  3. […] Update um 21:05 Uhr: Blogs, etwa das von Larko, nehmen sich dem Thema an. Lesenswert! […]

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