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Saturday, December 9, 2006 at 15:34 | Posted in health | 3 Comments
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I am surprised to learn that this blog receives hits on several Google searches related to veneral disease on a daily basis. I have only written one post on the topic so far which does not exactly qualify for a classification as a sex life advise blog. The sad conclusion to be drawn about this must be that there are still a number of people around the virtual universe who do not know how to protect themselves.

When I had my young and wild years, using a condom was primarily an issue of birth control. If she said she had pills or something else, one would gladly abstain from wrapping. Not so any more, not in a number of years!

Back then veneral disease was not a fatal matter, just an unpleasent experience which would be treated with an unpleasent medication. It was unpleasent enough to prompt a more cautious approach next time but some people, of course, never learned their lesson. With a proper treatment, veneral disease was not a matter of life or death as nobody had even heard of HIV or AIDS.

The World is by far not the same as it used to be those ancient times. Every school kid should know by now that unprotected sex is almost as dangerous as surfing the Web with Windows. Which is why you should use those freeking condoms whenever stepping aside from your regular partner or not having one.

I do not want to suggest that the Dutch would have more of a problem understanding this elementary truth than anybody else. It just so happens that this video I found on YouTube is in Dutch. I think it is globally understandable, nevertheless. So watch it, people, and take advise!



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  1. Putting “veneral disease” as a label probably accounts for most of the traffic. Now writing this post about how weird it is that people who are looking for information about veneral disease end up in your blog will double the amounts of veneral disease search hits on this site. heh.


  2. Possibly so, Pekka. This time, at least, they are going to find a bit more adequate advise than the first post. ūüėČ

  3. […] steels from bloggers I just noticed another incident of blog contents theft. This blog post I wrote in December 2006 has been copied and pasted into […]

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