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3-Bein Peter has two funny posts today about holiday shopping. In one of them he concludes that men have no idea on what to buy for women unless she transmits him a clear and unmistakable signal about her wishes. In the other post he declares that women have no problem buying holiday gifts to men as long as it is something techy and compy.

I was in a Google chat the other day with my 11 year old niece in Versailles. She was surprised when I told her in response to her question about my holiday plans that the only way christmas is going to be different from any other day in my life is that the shops are closed and accordingly, I need to buy enough food for a few days in advance. I can imagine that she must have been falling down from her chair as I pointed out that this will not be christmas food but basically the same stuff I nourish myself with on a regular weekday.

My niece then went on to ask what I would like to have as a christmas present. I did not ask but I take it that she is old enough not to believe in Father Christmas. I told her that I am not in the habbit of holiday shopping and I honestly do not expect to get presents myself either.

The only exception to this rule is my nephew here in Helsinki. Strictly speaking it is not holiday shopping for him either because he happens to celebrate his fourth birthday on the New Year’s Eve. My sister’s home is therefore filled with guests in all ages the last day of each year.

Since my nephew is too young to surf the web on his own, let alone too young to read English, I think it is safe to lift the curtain about what he is going to get. I have intelligence from a well informed source (we journalists like that expression) that his wishes circulate around Biker Mice. I do not know as yet which particular item it is going to be but it would be safe to say that he will not be disappointed.

I am going to buy something for myself but that is not either holiday related. As I told before, I bought a computer last month and I am going to build it up gradually. I have now changed my mind about the order of priorities. Proper audio equipment is currently on top of my list, leaving behind a new monitor and extra memory.

This webcam would not only be cheap but it would also kill several flies with one single stroke. Apart from michrophone and head set, the camera would produce still images with a reasonable quality. It could also be used in Skype calls which may not be the best of ideas considering that I would actually need to take care of my appearence before starting the Skype application.

The problem with that camera is that I am not sure if it will run under Linux. Apparently, somebody is working with alternative drivers for Linux but I do not know how long it is going to take but I am definitely not in a hurry. As I said, I am not in the habbit of holiday shopping. The practical need for this sort of a gizmo does not disappear after the holidays.



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  1. I declare you to be strange. Wait, did I do that before? damn, I should remember that kind of thing 😉

  2. I remember that you did, Andre, but I do not remember the exact context. 🙂

  3. You are strange in (almost?) all contexts I can imagine 😉

  4. I am so disappointed. Why just “almost”? 😛

  5. I wasn’t completely certain about the almost. That’s why I put it in parenthesis.

  6. I declare it as strange to even question it. 😛

  7. See, you’re strange. I told you. 😉

  8. Strange enough to have googled the thread where you declared me as strange in the first place. 🙂

  9. So, it was you, visiting my blog with that strange search.

  10. I thought it would amuse you to find it in your log. Otherwise I would just have copied the URL from Google’s search results and pasted to the address line. 😉

  11. Hehe. Only bad part was a Spambot that tried to send mail via my user registration form. Damned spammer idiots.

  12. You mean Spam-Nazis?

  13. I have no idea what that idiot tried to spam for, but I’m really pissed off now.

  14. Just look at the bright side: now you know what to talk about in your nex ComPod. 😉

  15. You mean the one I already recorded yesterday? I already know what I talked about 🙂

  16. If I say “next” today it could hardly refer to that which was recorded yesterday, can it?

  17. You said (and I quote): “now you know what to talk about in your nex ComPod.”

    My next ComPod is the one I recorded yesterday. Right now I’m listening to the version in Audacity.

  18. When I say “next”, I obviously refer to the next one to be made, not to something which is already made but not yet published. As a journalist, I am accustomed to thinking that the story is finished for me when I finish working with it.

    I have had several articles that I have finished but they were not yet printed. Next story is always the next one to be written. This is where I like blogging, the story appears when it is ready, not when my editor sees fit to let it out.

  19. OOOkay, then that might be ComPod 8, ehenever I get to that. Maybe on Friday.

  20. Fine! Now that we cleared the concept of next, may I remind you that my initial suggestion was to discuss spam bots in ComPod? 😉

  21. What is there to be discussed about them? I mean, I can say that there was one and how I like that but it won’t help much, would it?

  22. Ah, you have all of the week to put your creativity to work on it. It may look like a dull topic on an early on Monday morning but come Friday, you may have gotten more brilliant ideas than you can possibly fit in to one CP. 😉

  23. I can at least put it on the list of topics for the next cpu (ComPod unterwegs). For the full CP I’d need a piece of paper.

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