Changing the mask

Monday, December 11, 2006 at 17:03 | Posted in Germany | Leave a comment

As I noted for some time ago in my Finnish blog, the archives of the notorious former East German intimidation bureau security service STASI are being guarded by personnel that makes one wonder, exactly how seriously the German government wants the persecutions of the DDR era to be uncovered. According to Jyllands-Posten, no less than 52 former STASI employees still work at the archives. Archive chief Marianne Birthler says she did not realize they were so many but she points out that a number of individual STASI employees loyally helped sort out the secrets of the archive after the break down of the Berlin Wall.

In a comment in Mein Parteibuch Rolf Schälike quotes amazingly large numbers of former STASI personnel working in sensitive positions within the public service. According to him, more than 4500 former security officers are now working within the police. If these numbers are even close to accurate, there seems to be a hell of a masquerade party going on within very essential agencies and services of the German government.

Kai seems to be a bit concerned of whether it would be quite safe to blog about this topic. I can understand his concern, baring in mind the legal situation in Germany. However, I can confirm from a number of sources that his post is truthful and accurate. In fact, he could easily add up to his number of former STASI workers still active in the archives.


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