Enough is enough

Monday, December 11, 2006 at 18:31 | Posted in Blogosphere, Freedom of speech, Germany, Legal, USA, WordPress | 5 Comments

I have written on several occasions (too many to put up all the links, just take a look at my posts under the Germany tag) about the absurd legal situation in Germany regarding freedom of speech, especially in context of blogging. Even German Cabinet Minister’s seem to be under the impression that suing a blogger is the cleaverest way of addressing issues raised in the blogosphere. All of that is crazy but what I am going to tell you here is the goofeyest I have ever heard.

Would you believe that a German business man Ramon Tissler is actually threatening to sue the ass off a US based blogger whose blog is hosted by WordPress.com? It is not a Maxwell Smart joke, just look at this comment added to this post. Mr Tissler writes:

Wenn Sie diesen Artikel nicht aus Ihrem Blog nehmen, werden wir rechtlich aufs härteste gegen Sie vorgehen!

The common courtesy rules when commenting somebody else’s blog posts would be to address the issue rather than threaten the blogger with the hardest possible legal action unless the post will be removed. If I were running a business and somebody posted critical opinions of it in their blog, I would definetly not start my interaction with them by posting intimidating suggestions to remove the post or face lawsuit.

I am going to return to the subject of making money by immediating students from Europe to US universities because I think it needs some scrutany. What I am wondering right here and now is what the hell a German based business man is thinking as he intimidates a US based albeit German blogger that way. While there may not be freedom of speech worth mentioning in Germany, imposing that concept wide beyond German jurisdiction is what Germans would call Unverschämt.

I call all of us half a million plus bloggers in WordPress.com to stand up and say: enough is enough! Fellow bloggers under German jurisdiction may want to address the issue with more cautious expressions.



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  1. Hands in hands with Larko….as its really enough!!!!!

  2. Ja, I support you! I heard Robin Williams talking on NPR the other day, “Borrow our constitution,” he said (of the US constitution), “We’re not using it.”

    Mind control is what this the minister is really after. He needs to start with smaller minds.

  3. Hi Larko again a question, how if someone comes and put a comment in my blog with his private mobile made video of some star who was first a unknown person and not star? Like one guy came up with this video in this post of mive


    Can a German lawyer or a star sue me if this link of youtube of private video is as comment in my blog? I am sick of this German blog restriction laws and misuse of powers of many people :-(? Hope you guide me well thanks.

  4. There is a number of judicial arguments in this particular case that the blogging lawyers would be more competent to comment than I am. However, I would not be very concerned in this case.

    First, it is input entered by a reader. Technically you do not even need to have noticed the comment untill somebody points out that they think you have something illegal in your comments.

    Second, linking to copyrighted material does not constitute a copyright infringment. Although there are different opinions about this, I would feel safe to have a link.

    Third, Youtube is a bit special because Google has reserved a lot of money to a legal fund in order to settle any copyright issues that may rise. So if a copyright holder were to get angry, as it were, they would first turn to Youtube who would do whatever is necessary. I have even included Youtube videos in some of my blog posts and let them worry about the copyright issues.

  5. That sounds very practical argument, thank you as usual for your wonderful help and guidance 🙂

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