An audio experiment

Friday, December 15, 2006 at 11:09 | Posted in internet, podcast | 4 Comments

I experimented my microphone and Audacity software. The result was horrible but I still decided to upload it. So now that you have been warned, you have yourself to blame if you decide to listen.



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  1. Hello, I am using Audacity, too. But I am not uploading any podcasts anymore, because it is too much work. But from time to time, I think a podcast could be a good decision. So I will think about publishing a podcast myself.

  2. I was thinking it could be a nice way to replace all the traditional christmas and new year’s greetings to be sent around. Hitherto I have composed a web page as my Xmas card and sent around the URL. A podcast or a combination of both could be a good alternative approach.

    Audacity is the best software I have tried so far and a better mic would no doubt improve the quality.

  3. I didn’t understand this railroad matter completely. You could work a little on the sound quality.

  4. Thanks for listening, Thomas. The raliroad talk was not planned, it just happened out of my control while browsing news of the day. I am going to write a proper blog post about it.

    Having listened the thing over I think it needs to be a bit more consistent and maybe also somewhat shorter. Much of the problem with sound quality will be solved as I replace the microphone in Skype’s starter kit with a proper device.

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