Spamming New Year

Monday, January 1, 2007 at 6:54 | Posted in Blogosphere, spam | 6 Comments

Andre has an effective spam filter. Occasionally you get this response for trying to post a comment:

Spamschutz: Ungültiger Kommentar!

Kommentar wurde nicht hinzugefügt, da Kommentare für diesen Eintrag entweder deaktiviert sind, Sie ungültige Eingaben gemacht haben oder Anti-Spam-Maßnahmen angewendet wurden.

Yes, it happened to me just a moment ago, once again. I was trying to leave a comment to his New Year’s greeting. Which, I guess, is just fair. Christmas and New Year generate a whole lot of spam.

However, as I checked it over, the comment was there. So I guess I will be allowed to spam ahead. 🙂



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  1. I guess Akismet didn’t like your comment, but I relaxed the rules a little. real spam is still caught but valid comments obviously pass through. I just thought the comment would then be stuck in moderation. Oh well.

  2. Seasonal greetings are problematic for filters like Akismet. No doubt that real people in flesh and blood pass Christmas and New Year’s greetings in their comments which the robots obviously try to exploit.

    This time I received the error message but the comment still went through. The only explanation I could think of is that you happened to be on line and released it immediately. 🙂

  3. I looked in the spamblock logfile and saw no reason why your comment was blocked in the first case (Akismet didn’t do it, I just got a ‘invalid comment’ message), or why it was released after all. So maybe it’s all well. Your second attempt at posting that comment was then caught as it was supposed to be, so that was okay, too.

  4. Sure, no comment is to appear twice. I would obviously not have pushed the button for a second time without the error message. As they say, the end is well so all is well. 🙂

  5. My best wishes for the new year for you, too. Let’s see, if your wordpress let my greetings pass through. 😉

    PS: the first Google query hitting my page this year at about 0:05h was funny: wie kann ich mir ein ob reinschieben. I didn’t imagine, that I’m expert on use of tampons. Interesting though, if the person asking the query was female or male.

  6. No problem with your comment, Marcel, but I was just removing another one as spam when yours arrived. The last couple of days I have seen a new sort of spam comments. They are targeted on most read entries and link to freshly started blogs that look like real blogs written by real people. They also somehow seem to be able to fool Akismet. So I am now deleting a number of comments to old posts that do not look suspicious per se but have no relevance in the context of the post. I hope Akismet will learn to recognize them as they come in.

    Google works in mysterious ways and surprisingly many people do not know how to compose a search string. I also get many queries written as questions of all sorts. That particular question used to be something a girl would have asked their mother in the old days so I guess Google is taking over a part of parenting. 😉

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