Logitech ignors Linux users

Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 20:24 | Posted in linux, webcam | 8 Comments

I bought a Logitech QuickCam Connect today. It was supposed to solve many problems with one strike. I wanted to replace my ear bug microphone, use it as a still image camera and experiment with video a bit. I hope it will do all of this one of these days but first it has to learn how to run under Linux.

Logitech are advertising the easy plug in install. Indeed there is a CD with the camera and I was instructed to install the software and then plug in the device. That is all fine but it only works with Windows and Mac.

I had a hunch before buying the camera that there might be a problem with running it in Linux. There are lot of people with the same problem allover the web discussing different solutions in forums of all sorts. Some of them have managed to get the damned thing working with suggestions in those forums but others have failed.

Many people all over the World are working to establish Linux drivers for Logitech cameras. There is so much discussion about the Logitech problem in the web that it can possibly not have escaped the attention of Logitech themselves. And how are they reacting? By doing nothing.

Logitech are promptly ingoring Linux users. Maybe the Penguin money is not good enough for them. That attitude is bound to backfire as Linux spreads but the Logitech management do not seem to care.

Having read a quanzillion pages about downloading drivers and installing Logitech QuickCam Connect to Linux the last few hours, I have not found a solution which would work in my box. And on top of all, the Ubuntu forums just went off line for a data base maintenance break. That was the last drop, I am giving up for tonight.

There is beer in the fridge and I may even want to have some stronger stuff than that. The positive note is that as long as I keep working to solve the problem, my desk is going to look even more chaotic than usually which will eventually produce a chaotic image to be posted in the desk meme which was delivered to me the other day.



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  1. It’s this kind of ignorance that will break the companies’ (economical) bones.
    DeCSS was originally invented to enable DVD playback on non-Windows systems, as those were ignored by the big companies.

  2. It may even be a short term cost factor that they are thinking about. They may be thinking that spending money on Linux drivers does not bring in enough revenue and the community is doing the work for them anyway. I agree, though, that this sort of thinking is going to back fire in the long term.

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  4. hi,

    my cam (logitech quickcam connect) came yesterday and I was looking how to install this too. Finally I just need one packet “gspca”. This driver works quite good with the chipset in this camera. You can download it here: mxhaard.free.fr/download.html . After unpacking this file just start the “gspca_build” file. The driver would be automaticly loaded via modprobe. You can test this cam with mplayer: “mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l:width=352:height=288:outfmt=rgb24:device=/dev/video1:noaudio -flip”.

    The damn thing on this cam is, that the internal microphone won’t work. And I didn’t could find a driver… maybe you are a little bit further than me.

  5. I was, at one point. I had the camera taking still captures (with the driver you mention) and I somehow got the mic work in one audio recorder but not in Audacity. The real problem was Skype which did not take in any sound at all with no microphone whatsoever.

    As I was trying to fix the Skype (have done that all night) I dismantled my sound system to scratches and now the machine is totally muted. The camera does take still piccies with Camorama.

  6. hmm you get no moving picture with mplayer? this works very good and fast with my camera. But my problem is that I have no sound. Which driver do you take for the sound? Does the gspca did it? I tried to make it with alsa but with no result over the USB connection.

    I also bought my cam for skype and now I am very disappointed to see the forums full of “the sound option is very difficult with this camera” posts.

    Do you also have: this vendor-product-ID “046d:08d9”. If not so you have a different chipset to me.

  7. That vendor ID looks familiar. However, I was hit by a major set back last night as I was experimenting with different scripts. I lost my sudo rights and had to re-install all of Ubuntu. I am now building the system from scratches. I’ll make an update post when I get the chance.

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