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Thursday, January 4, 2007 at 7:41 | Posted in Blogosphere, entertainment, meme | 12 Comments

As I wrote on Tuesday, I have had severe problems with getting my Logitech Quickcam Connect run under Linux. The problem is now partly solved. Still images can be taken, although the quality is not much to mention. Audio settings still need to be fixed, above all Audacity and Skype do not seem to recognize the inbuilt michrophone.

These device problems have delayed my response to this desk meme which Thomas threw on my door step all the way from Heinsberg, Germany. The meme is about posting a picture of one’s desk. Unlike Thomas and some others, I did not clean up my desk before shooting the picture.

The most obscene object on my desk is not shown in the picture. The ashtray is on the left covered by the monitor. I usually empty it once a day.

The meme should be passed to three persons. I would very much like to see Vesa‘s desk which is probably the opposite of mine, i.e. highly organized. I have seen lots of desktop captures by Kai but never his desk, so the Stöckhen will manage that. Now that he has finished with relocating his blog, he might find the time for a picture of his desk. Last but not least, I pass the meme to Helena who has a choice between two desks to display. Or why not post a photo of both?



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  1. You collect … things on your desk, don’t you? 😀
    btw: You forgot to mention what’s in the glass.

  2. No, Thomas, I do not need to collect things. They have a tendency of landing on my desk on their own and stay there untill such time that I either do something (i.e. the action they are supposed to remind me of) or dispose of them because that particular action is no longer needed. 😉

    Believe it or not, it is plain water. I just ran out of beer before shooting the image and did not feel like drinking vodka at 7 a.m. 😎

  3. By the way, as you may notice, there is the Logitech Quickcam manual right under the monitor. Not that it would include any useful information about getting the camera installed and compiled. I’ll have to surf allover the web for that but the manual stays there to remind me that I have unfinished business which suggests that it could become a sticky item on my desk.

  4. My desk looks messier btw. Lots more things that just tend to lay around. Maybe I’ll get me another nice TFT display, so I can ban the CRT for my server but until then it’s really crowded here.

  5. So you say, Andre, but I need to see some proof if I am going to believe that you have a messier desk. 😎

  6. You want to make me photograph my desk?

  7. May I point out that you are already summoned by Farlion?

  8. may I point out that I’m trying to ignore that? 😉

  9. Which is precisely why I keep reminding. As long as I see proof of the opposite, I regard myself as owner of the messiest desk among GFW. 😉

  10. My desk highly organised – sort of wrong guess, mildly put, most of the time. Weird coincidence, this very day I read this entry of yours, I also happened to clean up my desk a little bit. So, a picture now taken won’t show how things usually are. Anyways, as you implicitly asked for it, I took a snapshot and I’ll place it in 11/1 entry, right below the gig still.

  11. – and the (permanent) link (above)

  12. […] meme follow-up The desk meme that I received from Thomas, who got it from Farlion, who got it from Michael and so on, has […]

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