You have the right to remain silent

Friday, January 5, 2007 at 8:58 | Posted in Germany, internet, Legal, video | Leave a comment

I stumbled (via Sven) to this Google video of Udo Vetter‘s presentation in the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. He is talking about what you as a web user and blogger should know about your rights in case the police are knocking on your door which is a more realistic possibility in Germany than you could expect. The most important thing is to take advantage of your right to remain silent.

The presentation is thorough as ever in Germany, the video runs for a good hour. I am listening as I type this. Apart from thorough (Deutsche Gründlichkeit), the presentation is informative, interesting and surprisingly entertaining. If you have an hour, I could imagine several much worse ways to spend it than watching this video.

Edit: I have now seen all of the video. Many of the questions from the audience were about access to a suspect’s computer in a house search situation. Mr. Vetter pointed out repeatedly that a suspect is not under obligation to give out any passwords, neither to a computer in the permises being searched nor to servers in other locations.

Now, I have practically nothing of importance in my hard drive and everything of importance in servers located in several countries around the World, none of which is Germany. My 80 giga byte hard drive is practically empty of contents apart from opsys and other software. So, my suggestion to anybody in Germany would be to store any sensitive data in off shore servers, quaranteed to be outside German jurisdiction.


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