Tracking euro bills

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10 € note number T22095445XXX (in picture) is from Ireland and was printed at Banc Ceannais na hÉireann in Dublin. I got it as change in Helsinki yesterday as I was buying a bottle of vodka in the government monopoly liquor store Alko. Today I entered it into EuroBillTracker, a tracking site which has almost 100.000 users who have entered more than 24 million euro notes for a value over 500 million euros during the five years euro has been used as a cash currency.

I do not have much money, even less in cash and I do not make a point of entering every bill that passes my hands. During nine months as a member, I have entered 120 bills which have given me four hits. Two of the hits were such that somebody else had entered the bill before me, the other two were my entries re-entered by somebody else.

Amazingly, my first hit was on the second bill that I entered into EuroBillTracker right after registering. It was a 20 € bill from Spain. It had travelled 24 kilometers within 8 days.

It took almost four months to get another hit. It was a 10 € bill from Finland which did not travel a long way but it took its time to reach me. It was previously entered by somebody 8 kilometers from me 586 days earlier.

In early October I received notice that somebody 88 kilometers from me had entered a 5 € bill from France that I had entered 35 days earlier. I had gotten it as change in the local food store. The most recent hit a few days ago was also a French fiver which had travelled 126 kilometers from me within 26 days.

As money is not important for me and I do not have a lot of it, I am not too freeked on this site. It is just interesting to see where the notes passing my hands come from. The hits give the tracking business an extra flavor.

Surprisingly few of my notes are from Finland. I guess this goes to show that euro bills do indeed circulate within the now 13 countries in the euro zone. Since I have had notes from all the other countries, I can not wait untill I’ll get hold of my first bill from Slovenia.

If I am just slightly interested in tracking euro bills, that is less than you could say about some of the top ranking users who have entered hundreds of thousands of bills worth millions of euros. They do obviously not track their own money because that rich people do not pay with cash. I wonder if bank tellers and cashiers have nothing more important to do during office hours but that is of course none of my business. Tracking bills is a nice hobby as long as you do not take it too seriously.

One word of complaint, though. The site must be designed for young people with good eye sight. For an aging person like myself, the text is almost unreadable with that kind of dark background color. An option of adjusting personal color preferences would be highly appriciated unless the admins consider a plain black on white design acceptable for all.


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  1. very interesting post, thanks 🙂

  2. […] January this year I wrote about EuroBillTracker, a site for tracking the circulation of euro bills. I inserted the above […]

  3. perhaps some of the more advanced money counting machines have serial no checks, I do not know.
    Banks, probably not, but why not some currency exchange. It could be quite interesting result for them, where their money travels from.

  4. I think there would be many reasons why both individuals and businesses would be interested in tracking their bills. However, just a small fraction of notes in circulation have been entered to the data base so far. We would need a lot of new people joining the great community of EuroBillTracking.

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