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Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 20:18 | Posted in Blogosphere, Web tools | 2 Comments
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Thomas and Margaret refer to Bloggers’ desks group in Flickr. As I happen to have this recent unpolished image of my unpolished desk, thanks to the desk meme I was summoned to and since I have an almost forgotten flickr account I decided to upload the picture of my messey desk and join the group, just for the joke. The desks of my group fellows certainly look more organized than mine.

Visiting my flickr account over a time reminded me why I do not like this tool. There are a lot of fancy bells and whistles, no doubt about that. In fact a little bit too many and too fancy.

I needed to surf around quite a bit before detecting how to edit my profile and tags. Filling in the necessary fields (headline, description tags etc.) by uploading is also something I do not feel like doing just to get a photo appear on line. It is that much simpler just to ftp my photos to my server and stream from there in my blogs.

Now that I made a rare visit to my account, it will probably remain unused for another couple of months. Having fancy tools in a fancy environment may be cool but do we really need all of that?



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  1. One of the reasons I’ve choosed flickr: There is only one url if you drag all photos in one theme/set. At the beginning I added unpublished historical photos of the Eastern Front of WWI. If other people wanted to recommend them they used the slideshow tool almoust. Simple and easy. It was a German theme but nowaydays I am happy that 99 % of comments are in English. No German comment at all. This is strange.

  2. It is obviously a matter of getting used to one or the other tool. I use so little photos that the easiest way for me is to ftp them to My ftp client can manage that with two or three clicks and even remembers the password at my home computer.

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