Emperor’s clothes

Monday, January 22, 2007 at 0:32 | Posted in Bloggers' rights, Blogosphere, censorship, Freedom of speech, Germany, internet, Legal | 1 Comment

As I wrote in December, the German Minister of Environment Sigmar Gabriel does not like this photo. Funny as it may be, it is likely to become a sticky image because however much he would like to have it removed, the image has a life of its own. Minister or not, he will have to live with the photo being exposed in the Internet.

The trial in Hamburg about the good minister’s legal costs is approaching its end. A verdict is expected on Tuesday. Mr. Gabriel wants Marcel Bartels to pay him 756,09 € because he chose to have his lawyer draft a cease and desist letter rather than e-mailing and asking Marcel to remove the photo we are talking about.

Whatever the verdict, let us keep this picture alive. I urge bloggers outside German jurisdiction to post this image, just to show the minister that he is not the emperor of the Internet. With or wirhout clothes, that is.


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  1. […] Amtsgericht Hamburg was supposed to announce its verdict yesterday on the lawsuite of German Minister of Environment Sigmar Gabriel against Marcel Bartels. […]

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