German footballers afraid of Finland?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 16:17 | Posted in Euro-2008, football, Sports | 2 Comments

Through this post by Albatros I happened to read Björn Hoeftmann’s bad dream scenario of a possible Euro Cup final in 2012 between Estonia and Finland. According to Hoeftmann, Finland would become the European Champions thanks to freshly elected UEFA president Michel Platini who has promised to allow 24 teams in Euro 2012 rather than 16 teams so far. Let me make one straight point before proceeding: Hoeftmann’s article is nothing but qualified rubbish.

Mr. Hoeftmann writes that there is a reason why Finland has so far not appeared in neither European nor World Cup final tournaments:

Nicht umsonst haben Finnland, Wales oder auch Estland bislang an noch keiner Europameisterschaftsendrunde teilgenommen – der sportlichen Auslese sei Dank. Vielleicht waren Platinis populäre Worte, die die mitunter gepeinigte Seele von Europas Fußball-Zwerge streichelten, damit diese ihm mit ihren Stimmen am vergangenen Freitag die Wahl zum neuen Uefa-Präsidenten gaben, doch nicht mehr als Kalkül im hartgeführten Wahlkampf um den Vorsitz der Uefa.

It is obviously true that “football dwarfs”, as Mr Hoeftmann so respectfully chooses to call Finland, Estonia and Wales, would have easier to qualify if 24 teams were allowed in. What he is conveniently forgetting, is that in case his bad dream final game scenario between Finland and Estonia were to happen, there would also be a reason for that. Namely that those two teams would have been playing better than giants like Germany or France. No team can advance to the final game just because their association voted for Platini.

One of the prerequisites for Björn Hoeftmann’s piece of carbage was that Finland would qualify for the first ever time in 2012. Maybe he should have a look at the current standing in the qualifying group A for the Euro 2008:

Could it be that the giant German footballers are afraid of dwarf Finland? Then again, maybe Björn Hoeftmann just had a bad day or he ate something improper. I take it that he is not out to limit voting rights of the smaller nations?


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  1. Remember the BILD titel: O:O gegen die Letten – Sind wir noch zu retten? Germany was out in the first round during the last European Championship. Why not Finland this time instead of the Latvians?

  2. The very point is that if Germany were to loose a game against Finland in 2012, then Finland, not Germany, would deserve to be in the final. And that has nothing to do with whether there are 16 or 24 teams in the tournament.

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