Back in town

Friday, February 2, 2007 at 1:42 | Posted in Blogosphere, Estonia, Personal, tallinn | 4 Comments

Look who is back in town! Farlion has returned after a short absence. Checking my feed reader is going to be that much more fun.

Meanwhile, I am going to be out of town tomorrow. Today, actually, since it is well past the midnight. And I do not have a chance to sleep more than a few hours before leaving.

I hate to travel to Tallinn in winter. In the autumn I bought enough of cigarette paper to go on rolling my fags to the spring. I save about 200 € a year by buying the sheets in Tallinn.

However, I forgot that my press credentials need to be renewed in early February. And the General Secretary of Estonian Journalist Union is going to have a two week winter vacation starting on Monday. So I am going over tomorrow today to sort it out. I hope to be back in town late in the evening. With a fresh set of press cards.


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  1. So you say thet reading my blog is no fun? 😉

    Nitpicker I am.

  2. “…save about 200 € on cigarette paper a year”. Makes me wonder. Tobacco, o.k. But cigarette paper? What kind of taxes do have up there in Finland?

  3. Andre, I did not say your blog is not fun. I just said that Farliblog is which you surely do not deny? 🙂

    Thomas, thanks for asking. I’ll make a separate post about it when I get home. Now I need to rush for my appointment in the Journalist Union.

  4. […] cashing in As I wrote on Friday morning, I needed to travel to Tallinn over the day to renew my press credentials. There […]

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