Remember Windows 386?

Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 5:03 | Posted in Nostalgy, Not serious, youtube | 9 Comments

I just realized how old I am. I used to actually use Windows 386. In fact, I think I still have an ancient box collecting dust somewhere with Windows 386 in it.

What I do not remember is having seen this hilarious retro ad for Windows 386. Takes about seven minutes to watch but believe me it is worth investing the time. Enjoy! 🙂



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  1. Back in the days I used to use DOS with my favorite Norton Commander. And I still call diretories directories and not folders. Folding a directory should be an interesting challenge. 😉

  2. Older versions of DOS used to be familiar. Oh, nostalgy! 🙂

  3. What do you mean by older versions? I used MS-DOS 6.22 until I finally hat to change over to Wintendo 98 or so. But that didn’t last very long 🙂

  4. Hey, my memory does not cover the number details. Basically there were different versions but all of them were identical.

  5. MS-DOS. Without a pc at home, always depending on the ‘PC-Raum’ times at the university I’ve never managed this during the 80s. The books about DOS: I could have studied hieroglyphs with more success instead. It took another few years until I’ve bought a mac. Without, I guess, I would have ended like a lot of Germans always saying, pc? Wofür? I don’t need that. And they are somehow proud about it.

  6. Access to a computer used to be for us what access to the Internet is for the kids of today. Yoy either have it or you do not. Apart from those gone days, access today makes the difference between getting the essential information and being left in the darkness, or also the difference between having freedom of speech or not.

  7. Right, in Germany one get to know first the risks, the chances often got no chance at all then. Example, there was a report about the technic crazy Koreans. About the internet and electronical equipment in the new apartment houses. They even mentioned the social aspect of it all. Koreans use the technics to communicate, rather more then in old e-less times. It’s a tool and it has to be new. What did the German moderator say at the end: I would gonna kill the harddrive of my refrigerator if he says ‘good morning’ to me.

  8. Obviously the availability to use a technology for something does not limit the availability of the same to be used for something else. As the ad shows, Windows 386 was supposed to be possible to be used for several purposes, none of which would carry a Windows seal today.

  9. Have you seen the DOS google, that made Missis day about 3 months ago? It would be funny, if people one day can get Vista sources this way to analyze the way MS treated regulation obligations in source code.

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