My content stolen

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 10:19 | Posted in internet | 14 Comments

I do not have a problem if somebody wants to quote my blog posts. But just copying and reproducing all of it without asking me first is both unpolite and illegal. Even if there is a link to the original post, I am not going to swallow my text being published as a part of something that they choose to call  ” PUBLIC ARCHIVES”.

So my suggestion to whoever put up my post onto is as follows: delete it within 24 hours or pay me 100.000 €. The price is going to double for each 24 hours.



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  1. How do you want to get to receive that money?

  2. I would not speculate as yet as there is still lot of time, about 14 hours, to my deadline. But they can rest asured that I am going to squeeze their balls unless they comply. 😉

    By the way, I tried to post a comment to the stolen article in the morning but they do not seem to have published it.

  3. They don’t have the money. They’re poor russian spammers with hardly enough borscht (how the f*** is this written in english?).

  4. Thank you for this info, Thomas. I take it that this places them under German jurisdiction so they may expect mail from me. If i consider legal action you may have a local counselor in mind who could do the job. 😉

    I’ll check the spelling a bit later.

  5. Thomas, according to Wikipedia there are three English spellings of the soup: Borscht (also borsch or borshch). 🙂

  6. Ah, in German it’s Borschtsch, which would be borshch in English. 🙂

  7. take them to court 😉

  8. I found all of the three spellings in English Wikipedia. There is also an etymology.

  9. Andre, in that case I would announce it in the blog afterwards, not before. And I would certainly seek legal advice first. Actually, I happen to know a German lawyer and there is a rumour about him in certain web fellowships that he is supposed to be good. 😛

  10. Oh, you know a lawyer over here? Do I know this lawyer, too?

  11. I suppose so, unless you are in the habbit of entering comments in somebody’s blog who you have never heard of. 😉

  12. I think you should charge them more. Those are your words and work. It’s like coming to your home and taking food off your table!!!

  13. True, Gloria, that is exactly what it is. As we speak, I am considering my options.

  14. […] criminals in Berlin still in business A week ago I wrote about a bold theft of my blog content. A couple of days later it looked like the thieves had taken down their page […]

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