What country are we talking about?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 1:51 | Posted in great britain, languages | 2 Comments
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It is a benefit in the job market in any country if your English is fluent. I have hard time imagining that a person with poor English would have much of a chance to find an employment in many branches, IT for one, no matter where in the World they are. Which is why I was raising my eyebrow when I saw this:

Up to 40,000 jobless people say their poor English is a barrier to finding employment, ministers say – and £4.5m is spent on translators in job centres.

BBC News

I had to check and double check. Yes, it was about England. They are spending millions on learning the jobless English in England and they are spending millions on translators in job centres. In England. Which was the first country in the World to have English as their language.

Beats me.



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  1. I wonder how many of these 40,000 are native English people.
    £4.5m being spent on translators in job centres implies that at least some of the 40,000 people have a native language that is not English…?

  2. It is the Imperial heritage. 😉

    But it does sound a bit silly that millions of non native English speakers in virtually every country in the World have better command of English than so many people actually living in the country that used English first.

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