Better in the old days

Friday, February 16, 2007 at 23:00 | Posted in Nostalgy, Personal | 2 Comments

3-Bein Peter asks why everything was better in the old days. Was it, really? A couple of Peter’s points justify to at least put the question.

Peter writes that tomatos used to taste like tomatos. I agree but what if you never liked the taste of a tomato? I never did. Admitted, it was better to dislike the tomatos that tasted like tomatos than dislike the tomatos of today that do not.

Peter also writes that couches in the old days were so comfortable that you never wanted to get up. Yes, that is true. Is somebody still wondering why men in our age, Peter’s and mine, were being called couch potatos?

I agree that bread tasted better in the old days. I could trade back to the good old bread. But there are also some things that I prefer the way they are today.

Remember the typewriters of the old days? Writing an article used to be a physically exhausting activity because you had to hit those keys real hard. Not to mention the typing errors. In an article you could just type XXXXX and enter the correct word instead. Or you could use a pencil if you detected the error later. But typing a job application was a pain in the ass because you had to start all over if you made a single error. At least if you wanted to get hired.

Some things were neither better nor worse in the old days. Take politicians, for one. We used to have politicians like Richard Nixon, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Now we have George W Bush, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Sure, Hitler and Stalin were before my time but Brezhnev was not, nor were Honecker and Ulbricht.

Every generation tends to say that things were better in the old days. And every one of them is right. They were. Some things. But others were not which is why every generation is wrong about it.



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  1. In my favourite store C1000 (I live in the netherlands) there are about ten different kinds of tomatos available. While the cheap ones indeed do not taste like anything the more expensive biological ones really taste great.

    What you buy is what you get.

  2. That may be true. On the other hand, those good tomatos may or may not have been even better for 40 years ago. ūüôā

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