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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 0:14 | Posted in crime, internet, Sweden | 2 Comments

The Swedish government is considering to introduce a bill which would make a denial of service attack a prosecutable crime. The penalty would be either a fine or imprisonment of up to two years. The law would apply from 1st June 2007.

Last year the web sites of the Swedish police and the prime minister’s office were down due to denial of service attacks believed to be connected with police raids against file sharing communities. The investigators failed to produce evidence of crime on those occasions.

Edit: Read also Focus on what’s possible 



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  1. Hopefully illegal raids of policemen stealing computer equipment will be also considered a denial of service attacks punished with a penalty of up to two years prison.

  2. A number of computers and servers were confiscated in Sweden last year. The police had a warrant, though.

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