Focus on what’s possible

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 3:36 | Posted in crime, internet | Leave a comment

I wrote yesterday about the Swedish government’s legislative plan to criminalize denial of service attacks. You do not need to be a computer expert to conclude that the law would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to enforce. Joakim von Braun is Sweden’s leading computer security expert and he says exactly the same.

The expert says that there is nothing wrong with the idea as such. The problem is that the people, whose computers actually perform a dos attack, are innocent. They do not even know about it because their computer has been hijacked by a worm or a trojan.

The real purps are often outside Sweden and could not be prosecuted even if the investigators could produce evidence against them. Getting the evidence is extremely difficult. But the Swedish government wants to get their law and that is probably what they are going to get, enforceable or not.

What is the matter with these governments and politicians? A couple of hours ago I made a post about the German government’s stupid plan to regulate e-mail. Why do the politicians spend so much time and energy on matters they can do nothing about? Why don’t they focus on matters they could do something about? That way they could in the best case make a positive difference and perhaps even gain back some of their lost respect among the citizens.

Edit: Jan Kallberg makes a good point against the Swedish proposal. He writes that it would be legislation with the only purpose of stating an opinion. That is not what legislation is intended for.


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