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It happens every now and then that Andre’s serendipity run blog does not feel like letting comments through. As customary in such cases, I am posting my comment in my own blog.

Andre writes about German ISP’s who have decided to keep the records of dynamic IP’s for only seven days instead of 80 days as they used to. More details about the topic can be read at Heise online. My comment would have been the following:

I have a register of IP addresses on my hard drive dating much longer back than seven days. My question is, would it be illegal to have a firewall like mine in Germany? 😉

What I want to ask is whether the German law would understand the records of a regular firewall as an infringement of personal rights of the bastards who are trying to illegaly access my computer. Not that there would be a very real chance for anybody to get sued for having a firewall but it would be interesting to know, just academically.

Edit: Now that I checked out, my comment has gone through to Andre’s post although it first looked like it did not. So now it has been posted in two places. Well, no big deal, really. 🙂



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  1. Firewalls will soon be Verboten[tm] because they might be able to keep the famous Bundestrojaner from getting all your data… wait. You’re not in Germany. Oh, well, they’ll get your data anyways.

  2. That is what I wanted to discuss. If somebody actually suggests a legislation that would ban firewalls then I would suggest a parrallel pirate Internet for Germany.

    My data? CIA and FBI may be easedropping me but not BKA or Mr. Schäuble. They do not have the balls for it. 😉

  3. But you have to switch off any protecion you might have, as soon as you visit sites that are hosted in Germany. The argument for that would be that that’s practically like traveling to Germany to visit some shops (or something at least as stupid)

  4. That case I would not visit German hosted sites. And who would like to have their site hosted in a country surrounded by a digital wall similar to the wall that used to surround West Berlin?

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  6. Well, then there’ll be a law prohibiting german citizens from hosting outside of german jurisdiction. I think we cannot think as stupid as our politicians will do.

  7. German politicians are not the only politicians in the World in the habbit of using legislation as an instrument to state an opinion. Swedish politicians tend to do the same. It happens in many other countries too, including Finland. It would be too much to require that laws made sense but unenforcable laws are nothing but an opinion of the parliament.

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