Romano Prodi resigns

Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 2:58 | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment
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A multi party leftist coalition lead by Romano Prodi narrowly won the election in Italy in April last year. The coalition includes parties in all colors of the rainbow with one common feature. All of them wanted to put an end of the five year period of a corrupt government lead by Silvio Berlusconi.

I guess nobody was expecting this coalition to last long. Nevertheless, I feel somewhat sad to hear that Prodi resigned yesterday. It looks that much more stupid since the formal reason of the government’s fall is outside Italy and was inherited to Prodi by the previous government.

One would think that the coalition partners could have tried to reach even a vague compromise in the deployment of Italian troops in Afghanistan and the US military base in Vicenza in northern Italy. In a worse case scenario, these issues would stay as they are but the corrupt regime of Berlusconi could return with all of the elements of a fraude government which the coalition partners faught so hard to get rid of. That would not benefit any of the rainbow parties and it would certainly not benefit democracy in Italy.

It is too early to tell what is going to happen next. President Giorgio Napolitano has the next move in this complexed game. His options would be to ask Prodi to stay put, to appoint another prime minister or to call a general election.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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