Independence parade cancelled

Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 6:36 | Posted in Estonia, tallinn | 5 Comments

The traditional military parade in Tallinn on the Estonian independence day has been cancelled due to cold weather. The temperature in Tallinn is – 18 °C as I type. The Estonian flag will be raised in an hour in a ceremony outside the House of Parliament on Toompea Hill.

The traditional presidential reception and concert is going to take place tonight in Tartu. The event has earlier taken place in Tallinn but president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who took office last fall, initiated the change of the scene. The president is also expected to deliver his first independence day speech.

The Estonian Declaration of Independence was first publically read in Pärnu 23rd February 1918. It was formally adopted in Tallinn on 24th February. The German Landeswehr troops invaded Tallinn on 25th of February which marked the beginning of the Estonian freedom war.



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  1. Unusual to move the parade to the hinterland.
    Btw.the time for Landeswehr came later, first the regular German Army occupied Estonia 1918.

  2. Thanks for pointing out, the mistake has been corrected.

    The parade did not take place at all due to cold weather. It was supposed to take place in Tallinn. The president’s reception and concert is in Tartu (on my TV screen right now). It was president Ilves’s idea. He said that Tallinn is not the only place in Estonia where such an event can be organized. In Tallinn it has taken place in Estonia theatre while the scene in Tartu is Vanemuine, the oldest theatre in Estonia.

  3. Just to say you have a great opera house in Tallinn and the old city is beautiful. I also heard the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir on Radio 3 in the UK yesterday -they sound great.

  4. For your information, Keith, you can also listen to Klassikaraadio live in the web. 😉

  5. […] my own blog I just discovered a funny bug with WordPress and Akismet. As I was trying to post a comment in response to a reader’s comment, it did not appear in the post. The comment had a hyperlink […]

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