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Monday, February 26, 2007 at 4:51 | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The story of the 16 year old girl in Macau who won 100.000 $ in slots by betting the 12 $ gift from her grandmother raises some questions. Just out of curiosity, of course, since I do not seem to have anything more important to be wondering. Which is of course utterly false but that is another matter.

The first obvious question is why the girl was claiming the jackpot. She, her mother and grandmother must have known that she was under aged and they must have known there would be questions asked. It is like they were seeking trouble. Why did they not just have the mother or grandmother make the formal claim?

The attitude of the casino is interesting. They were first refusing to pay because the girl was a minor. As if they had no responsibility whatsoever to check in the first place that no minors get in. In other words, they were happy to take the minor’s money but then stepped behind the law when she won. With that kind of logic, every minor who has lost in a casino could demand their money back.

Then there is the ruling of the Gaming Inspection. Making the casino pay the mother was a reasonable ruling. Banning her from all casinos in Macau is discussable. But most importantly, I read nothing about withdrawing the casino’s license. Was not their failure to enforce the law what caused this argument in the first place?


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