Picasa nothing for me

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 5:16 | Posted in computer, linux, ubuntu | 2 Comments

I detected at 3-Bein Peter that Google’s image management software Picasa is also available for Linux. I thought I could give it a try and installed Picasa. I also pretty soon uninstalled it.

Picasa says it is going to scan all of the hard drive for pictures and when they say all of the drive it really means all of it. Including every picture in Ubuntu books and other software manuals that I have never consulted and probably never will. Picasa could of course be advised to skip those folders so that it would not spend time scanning them every time the software is started.

Another unpleasent surprise was that Picasa’s understanding of all the hard drive also seems to include other users. True, I tested and detected that it does not seem to scan files with restricted reading rights but the idea of poking other users’ folders as a default does not sound very healthy to me. Apart from myself, I have a user account in my system for visitors and one special guest whose company I have the pleasure to share occasionally. 🙂

I tried to run Picasa under the visitor user but it would not start. Apparently the reading rights only apply for the user who installed it. Alas, my guests could not scan my private files but I could find theirs. I am not comfortable with the idea.

All in all, there is too much to be adjusted with Picassa to make it work in my system the way I would prefer. And for what? Organizing and sharing pictures is fine but I have plenty of other software and web applications to do that as it is. All my important files are in the web and whatever I have forgotten on the hard drive is just lying there and waiting to be deleted.



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  1. I’m very satisfied with my Picasa-Installation. But I’m working alone on my computer, no guests, no other users but with 144,000 pictures collected and photographed during 7 years.
    For me it’s THE solution and I love the feature to upload pictures to Google web galleries and to embed them in a very easy way into my weblog exactly as I do it wiht youtube-clips.
    I was asthonished how much unused images were loitering on my harddisk. Furthermore I found hundreds of doubles. All in all I could delete more than 35 GB. Picasa made my life easier and I feel younger, more beautiful and since I’m using it lots of young women are giving me warm feelings.
    What do I want more, what can I want more! Thank you Google!!!

    Thanx for reading and trackbacking.

  2. I am glad that you find it useful, Peter. I admit it is good for the kind of user you describe yourself as. While I am the only user of my computer most of the time, Ubuntu can also be used in networks with many users so it would be easier if they took that into consideration in the default settings.

    When I started to use the web in the end of last century, I did not even have a computer at home, other than an old PC from 1980’ies. That is why all my essential files have been in web servers from the very beginning. Ironically, I now have a hard drive of 80 GB but I really do not need the space for other than opsys and applications.

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