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Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 7:12 | Posted in languages, USA | 11 Comments

Violent Acres is sick and tired of politically correct language as it appears on the worse side of the Bond. I have not bothered to mind my language for years. I just cannot motivate myself to be updated on the politically correct expression of the week.

That said, just out of curiosity: what is the politically correct expression for a white skinned person? European American, perhaps? Would that make me European European or just European?



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  1. “what is the politically correct expression for a white skinned person?” in US at least, in some (official) context; caucasian, as weird as it might seem. Or so I remember having read somewhere.

  2. I am familiar with the word. European American and European European are my analogues to African American.

  3. I once heard of a reporter addressing Mr. Mandela as an “African American”. Makes you think about p.c. in a way.

  4. @ Andre
    May I remind you of “pigmentprivilegiert”?

  5. Am I accordingly a pigmentprivilegierter Europäechr? ;-=

  6. No, you are not pigmentation privileged. You’re a caucasian white bread.

  7. Ein verdamchter weisses Europäecher bin ich doch jefalls, oder nicht? Zum glück ausserhalb Deutscher Jurisdiktion. 😛

  8. Okay, so I feel underprivileged. Pigmentally challenged, I’ll call myself.

  9. Whatever. If you prefer to be (politically) correct that is OK with me. I just do not have the energy although I am not actively trying to be (politically) incorrect.

  10. I won’t be p.c. TYVM.

  11. The one I heard was on the same theme but less self-satisfied: melatonin challenged.

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