Almost speechless

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 8:42 | Posted in Blogosphere, Personal | 7 Comments

Have you ever imagined how you would feel if you detected one morning that you have been granted the Nobel prize? The news would hit you out of the blue because you had no idea that you were even nominated for the prize. Something similar to that hit me this morning as I learned to have been granted „Dem Gerd des Monats“ for February by 3-Bein Peter.

Named after the Russian oil baron famous politician who used to pretend to be Germany’s chancellor before Merkel, the „Dem Gerd des Monats“ is closest to the Nobel prize anybody could ever end up by just blogging or maintaining a web presence. Among earlier holders of the title I note, Sissi and Wilhelm Entenmann, all of whom have contributed to making web that much more…, err, interesting place to surf around.

Most of Peter’s arguments for granting me the honor are of course urban web legends. Having said that, I must admit that I particularly like the idea of having my office in an atom driven U boat to stay on the better side of the international date line. Maybe I should acquire one, baring in mind that “Beer is food” is not the only slogan I like to quote. Another one just as dear was stolen from Johannes Saarepera, an elderly shoemaker and town philosopher in the fictive town of Morna in the Estonian TV serial Õnne 13: “Everywhere is better than somewhere else”.

So now I have an idea about possible effects of receiving a surprise notice from the Nobel foundation: it would make me almost speechless. Skipping all the customary complementary acknowledgements I just say thank you, Peter. I am as honored as I was surprised to receive the title.

By the way, thanks for reminding that I needed to update this page. I threw out my cell phone a year ago.



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  3. Die bisherigen Preisträger sind aber alle nicht miteinander zu vergleichen. Mal ist der Preis ein Hohn (Fanta Ranta) und mal ist er eine wirklich ernstgemeinte Verbeugung (Larko).

    The former holders of the price are not comparable. Sometimes the price is just a derision (Fanta Ranta), sometimes it’s really a serious bow to somebody I met in the web (Larko).

    De frihere Dräscher vunn dämm preis sin alle mol net mitenanner zu vaglaische.
    Ämol isses än Preis so uff de Ärm gnumme (Fanta Ranta) än annermol isses awwa än wäklisch änstzunähmende Verbeischung (Larko).

    I hope with my third impression I found a language that you don’t speak 😉

  4. I certainly do not speak it orally, Peter, but would have managed to read it, though. 😉

    I was suspecting something like this. Sometimes you would also think that the Nobel committees in Stockholm and Oslo were making a big prank with their decisions.

    Thank you once more, I really appreciate this honor!

  5. Life is fun and life without fun is a mess.

  6. Absolutely true, Peter. Although my life is sort of messy anyway, in absence of the Allerliebsten. On the other hand, that is precisely what makes it so much funnier. 🙂

  7. Congrats, Larko! Well deserved (?)
    I couldn’t access the links to Dem Gerd… though.

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