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Some prominent web sites, such as Reuters, CNN and Christian in Vienna have recently covered what was last years news for me: the Green Party member of the Finnish Parliament, Mr. Jyrki Kasvi, has a Klingon page in his web site. I must admit, though, that the Klingon page is by no means a reason for me to have subscribed the RSS of this site.

This politician has a blog and he blogs pretty well (although he sometimes publishes his press releases as blog posts without editing them). Most of Jyrki Kasvi’s blog posts even make sense. Unlike the other 199 members of the Finnish Parliament, he actually understands the Internet issues, most about web 2.0 and copyright issues. His blog was started way before the election and is more than likely to be on line after the election.

He has on many occasions written against the trend of censoring the web, most recently about the Great Firewall of China and the Swedish government’s bill to allow their military intelligence to spy all tele communications to cross the Swedish borders, including some traffic from Finland to Finland which technically crosses the border because some servers used by Finnish ISP’s are physically located in Sweden.

This MP has one major negative attribute, though. He is running for parliament in my neighbouring constituency which is why I am unable to vote for him on Sunday. Will I vote for one of his fellow greens in the constituency of Helsinki? Maybe, but I am not sure yet. As far as I know, none of them speaks Klingon. ūüėõ


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