Rest of the life

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 3:06 | Posted in Not serious | 4 Comments

How long is a human capable of surviving without eating and drinking? For the rest of their life.

Detected at Zooda’s blog who claims to have thought of it  without external assistance



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  1. Sometimes I would prefer a little more input in English because I can’t read this jakatakatak. Please give me one or two sentences about what this all is.

  2. Zooda’s post has a different structure. The question is in the headline and the answer is the one word sentence “Surmani.” which would translate as “until death”.

    However, the interesting part of that post is the discussion in comments. It is about how long a human can survive without thinking. Zooda thinks that it would be possible to survive longer without thinking than without eating and drinking. I point out that if both of the statements are true then a life after death would have been scientifically proven possible as long as the person does not think. I also suggest that it should be controlled whether cabinet ministers are actually alive or just zombies.

  3. Not talking about my family I can say that I’m surrounded by people who live without thinking. And it’s not just a dozen, there are thousands….
    But maybe I’m the one who is the alien.

  4. I do not think so, Peter. The rumor has it that you eat and drink. 😉

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