Smart and not so smart people

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 5:38 | Posted in google, internet, Legal, Media, youtube | 2 Comments

Jeff Jarvis is less than impressed with the arguments in Viacom’s lawsuit against Google and YouTube he has so far seen. Suing them for one billion dollars may look like a smart thing to do if you are the one to sue. The other end of the correspondence may have a reason to believe it is outright stupid:

Viacom complains about YouTube but, in truth, they’re complaining about their own viewers. They whine about theft but, in fact, they’re whining about recommendation, about their audience finding them more audience. Viacom is trying, singlehandedly, to turn the TV industry into the music industry. They are trying to spread stupid.

Jeff also brings an example of another sort of approach to copyrighted material in YouTube:

At last week’s Online Publishers Association, Betsy Morgan of, said that when an infringing clip goes up on YouTube, they take it down and then replace it with a noninfringing, official copy, which has the added benefit of enabling the conversation to cluster around one rather than many copies of the same event. That’s smart. I guess when Viacom and CBS split up, CBS got the IQ.

Indeed, that is a good observation. Some people are smart while others are not. At the end of the day, stupid businesses usually have to leave the market with their tail between legs. At least if a critical mass of customers are less stupid.

via Jari Lindholm



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