Atze Schröder a.k.a. Hubertus Albers

Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 3:22 | Posted in absurd, censorship, Freedom of speech, Germany, Legal | 13 Comments

Since I am not yet fully recovered, I am just going to make this post as a short note to myself to return to the topic. It is one of those hilarious German court cases where publishing something which is common knowledge has been banned by a court of law. Since rulings of Landgericht Berlin or any other German court are something I need not warry about, I am posting this information in the public interest and to promote freedom of speech.

The above mentioned poor excuse of a court of law has ruled that it is forbidden in China North Korea Belarus East Germany to publish the well known fact that a comedian known under his artist nick Atze Schröder carries an ID displaying his real name Hubertus Albers. The court essentially claims that Atze’s right to keep his real name Hubertus private outweighs the general public’s right to know that Atze Schröder is none other than Hubertus Albers. Now I said it and if the court thinks that I meant to insult them then they are absolutely right.

If you care to have a look at Wikipedia, you can read that Atze Schröder Hubertus Albers was born 27th September 1965 in Emsdetten. There is also everything you would ever want to know about the career of Hubertus Albers Atze Schröder. The jokers of Landgericht Berlin also banned publishing a picture of the well known TV star without his wig. If you are interested, you may take your chances by googling here.

via RA-Blog (who did not provide me with any information that would make him a target of legal harrasment)

Edit: This just in. If you really really want to know how Hubertus Albers looks without the wig that would make him Atze Schröder, there is a picture of him here. As it seems to be posted in an off shore server, I do not think that those court clowns can do anything about it.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention by a well informed source who wishes to remain anonymous that Atze Schröder’s real name Hubertus Albers is displayed in a trailer after each episode of the TV show where Hubertus Albers appears as Atze Schröder. All sorts of interesting things you can learn if you watch television, unlike Yours Truly.

What can we conclude based on this latest detail? Baring in mind that the court’s press release says that publishing Atze Schröders real name Hubertus Albers would violate his right to anonymity, the court obviously does not consider showing the name in TV as publishing but printing it in a paper would equal to publishing which would violate Hubertus Albers’s rights.

Ergo: the court must agree with me that most people who regularly watch TV are illiterate.


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