One step too far

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 2:25 | Posted in absurd, censorship, Freedom of speech, Germany, Legal | 4 Comments

I thought at the end of last week that this blog would have been over and done with Atze Schröder a.k.a. Hubertus Albers. The story is bizarre and it is strange, to say the least, that the German Wikipedia would volunteer to self censor their article about Atze Schröder a.k.a. Hubertus Albers. But I never believed that this would become a sticky story that I frequently need to return to.

Not only is it practically common knowledge in Germany that Atze Schröder’s real name is Hubertus Albers. There must be around 100.000 pages in the web to be googled to disclose that very same piece of information. If one of them gets deleted – either because the site owner no longer wants to have that information at their site or for other more compelling reasons – It would be likely that about 10 new pages in blogs and other sites would pass on the info. Once it is in the web there is no way to take the information back.

Now I hear (via Peter) that out of all these 100.000 places Hubertus Albers has chosen to attack one single blog, StoiBär. According to StoiBär, he has received mail from “Atze Schröder’s Management”, quoting the court ruling against a German paper and demanding a particular blog post to be removed. The ruling does not even have the authority of a final decision yet and even if it did it would only apply the paper in question.

As Peter writes, Atze Schröder has gone one step too far. There is no way Hubertus Albers could censor off his name from the World Wide Web.


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  1. […] entbrannte um dieses Gerichtsurteil eine heftige Diskussion, vor allem im schnell reagierenden Internet. Die Nennung des richtigen Namens von Atze Schröder […]

  2. […] Gerade habe ich im Internet ein bisschen gelesen – Atze Schröder wird vorgeworfen, einen Schritt zu weit gegangen zu sein. Also so ganz genau kenne ich mich in dieser Thematik nicht aus, aber folgendes […]

  3. I still wonder why they havn’t choosen me. In German Google my blog is No. 1 in Atze Schröder and Hubertus Albers requests. And I had about 20 articles about Hubertus-Atze. Maybe they rolled the dices….

  4. Maybe it is because you have a somewhat higher profile and they may be thinking that you would resist.

    Interestingly, this query on Hubertus Albers in (not .de) displays even the press release of LG Berlin on a high ranking position although the page itself does not include the name. It must be because at least I have been linking to LG Berlin with “Hubertus Albers”. Google bombs were supposed to be history but I guess they still work occasionally. 😉

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