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Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at 20:09 | Posted in browsers, firefox, linux, ubuntu, WordPress | 3 Comments

Firefox was released for less than a month ago but it was already time to say goodbye and upgrade to (release notes here). As “usual” by now, I have Robitaille to thank for giving notice. Since my memory is not what it used to be and memorizing terminal commands is not the most effective way to use that limited resource, I am posting here as a reminder to self that this Ubuntu tutorial has the easy way to install the latest release of Firefox.

Just as last month when I upgraded from Firefox 2.0 to, all bookmarks, plug-ins, passwords, log-ins and stuff like that were imported without a problem. With one curious albeit harmless exception. For some odd reason, WordPress.com logged me out. I never log out anywhere (except my bank account) when using my home computer but apparently WordPress does not recognize the cookie after update. No big deal, I can live with logging in about once a month if that is how often Firefox is going to be updated.

I noticed a feature in which was not around in 2.0. It is the spell checker being automatically active whenever I type something in any web editor. This is of course nice when I write in English but being a multi lingual user who writes in four or five languages, it looks sort of funny when just about every word is underlined with red when I am out of lingua franca. I do not bother to search a way to switch the feature off, though. It is not like writing in one language for hours, I keep switching between them all the time so the spell check can just as well be there.

As long as updating is so smooth and easy, I do not mind doing it this often. Having the latest release is not only cool, it may even some time in the future spare me from getting in serious trouble.



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  1. Glad my tutorial helped. I noticed the release today and figure I need to upgrade again.

  2. Thank you for writing the tutorial, Christer. ūüėČ

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