Counterproductive message

Monday, March 26, 2007 at 23:41 | Posted in absurd, copyright, entertainment | 3 Comments

Image: Michael Heilemann, some rights reserverd

Michael Heinemann bought a legal DVD copy of a movie he liked. He liked it enough to pay for the DVD rather than download a pirate copy. He voted for the movie with his wallet.

Did the movie industry thank him for the purchase? No, they are making him watch an anti piracy ad, an extremely annoying one, each time he wants to watch the best movie he knows. That, dear copyright proponents, is a very counterproductive message.

via Kristjan in Tallinn


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  1. Die Gšngelung des ehrlichen Kunden

    Da gibt man sein sauer verdientes Geld aus, und geht ins Kino oder kauft sich ne DVD, und was muss man sich anhŲren im
    Vorspann? “Raubkopierer sind Verbrecher” , oder “Bis zu 5 Jahre Haft fŁr Raubkopierer.”

    Ich mein, wofŁr zahle ich dann Geld da…

  2. […] parody of an anti piracy ad This is a cute parody of those annoying anti piracy ads that paying customers are being forced to watch every time they watch a legal copy of a film they […]

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