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Peter writes about searching pictures through Google’s image search. He notes that entering any random search argument may produce results with the file name matching with the search argument but also pictures where the search argument is not directly related to the file name. If you search for Larko, you get a number of pictures with the file name larko.jpg but also many pictures with a somewhat loose connection to “larko”.

The picture above has the file name “peatalenin3.jpg” but it is returned by Google for a search of “larko” because I am the author of the picture and it appears in many of my blog posts. On the other hand, this and this picture both have the file name larko.jpg but I have no idea why. This goes to show how surprising results even a targeted Google image search can return.

Peter also writes about millions of images returned by a Google search with standard file names suggested by software of digital cameras and other image editing hard- and software. A search for a common file name, such as DSC00121.JPG returns around 4000 links. Among them are very different pictures, like this one or this one or something like this.

Watching pictures like that through a Google search makes one feel like peeking into somebody’s private photo album. One would think that they would have changed the file name into something more likely to be searched if they really wanted it to be found. But it is right there in the web for anybody to be seen. That is, the private story behind a file named DSC00121.JPG.


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