Germany introduces web health regulations on April 1st

Sunday, April 1, 2007 at 14:13 | Posted in Blogosphere, Germany, health, Not serious | 2 Comments

Peter writes about new health regulations in Germany for bloggers and webmasters. It is no longer allowed to display web pages in the Internet that obviously required more than two hours of working at the computer screen. The fresh regulations took effect at midnight April 1st.

Webmasters and bloggers are also required to keep records on their screen hours. These will be controlled and co-signed by the local postman. Hence, just to be on the safe side, the postman always knocks twice as from now.

Not all German bloggers are enthusiastic about the new regulations. Some of them have announced counter regulations in their own blogs to balance the health effect of blogging. It is so far not clear if violations of these counter regulations would prompt legal action but chances are that this may turn out to be another gold mine for lawyers who practice dog law.

Thomas announced a year ago that smoking is allowed while writing comments to his blog. According to unconfirmed information from sources generally considered as reliable, as from April 1st 2007, smoking is mandatory while posting a comment in Thomas’s blog. Non smokers are allowed to enter comments provided that they recruit somebody to smoke and visit the blog while the comment is being written.

Laughing is generally considered to be good for your health. Farlion provides his readers the choice between healthy and unhealthy contents. As from April 1st, his blog has only unhealthy political contents. Humor, satire and other Unfug has been deported to a separate blog Farlion inside.

While I usually pay much attention to reliability of my sources, the first beams of April sunshine may have had their effect on me. It is therefore advisable to check with Christian if any information passed by me today might not be connected with the calendar date. This is just a recommendation, not a new health regulation.



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  1. Grundsätzlich betrachtet ist dies eine praktische Sache, ich frag mich aber, ob das auch langfristig realistisch brauchbar ist!

  2. May I draw your attention to the date of this post? 🙂

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