Taking a break

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 21:11 | Posted in Bureaucracy, Personal, tallinn | 3 Comments

Schrottie complains that his paper work has piled up. I can only offer my sympathy but not the help he requests. I am struggling with the same problem as he is.

Last week my internet service provider sent me an offer (printed on paper!) to upgrade my connection to 2 MB. I thought the price they were asking, 29,90 € a month, was pretty decent so I sent them an inquiry yesterday morning. I happen to think that a simple question e-mailed in the morning should be answered during business hours the same day. Since I have not heard a word from them tonight, two business days after I e-mailed them, I must conclude that they either do not read their mail or they just do not want my money. Either way, they are just acting plain stupid.

Talking about money, I am not making enough of it for a long time. Rather than just wining about it, I am starting on a part time job after the Easter holidays. Which is why I have been busy with a pile of paper work these last days. Signing the contract, going to the tax office, filling in forms with my trade union and all that bureaucratic stuff have really sucked the juice out of me. So I have enough as it is, I do not need this bullshit from the ISP.

I have now done the absolutely inevitable part of my paper work. The rest is just going to have to wait for a while. One can only do so much at the time.

I’ll sail off to Tallinn for a couple of days tomorrow. Apart from seeing good friends in a pub with no name I am going to attend the annual meeting of the Estonian Journalist Union on Thursday which is just as much a pleasure as it is business.

Everybody needs a break once in a while and this looks like the right time to take one. I’ll still have all the time in the World to hate the paper work. It is not going away while I am.


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  1. Gut zu wissen, das ich mit meinem Problem nicht allein dastehe… 🙂

  2. Unfortunately most of us have too much of the stuff. Paper is a devil’s instrument.

  3. […] aset. Vähemalt ettekäändeks on mul Ajakirjanike Liidu XX kongress, kuigi ausalt öeldes on mul hädasti tarvis siinsetest jamadest mõneks ajaks eemale saada. Kongressi ajagraafik on paraku selline, et homme […]

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