To remember my dad

Saturday, April 7, 2007 at 18:58 | Posted in Personal | 7 Comments

I do not believe in anything which you can not explain with the common sense. The story of a christian god and his son does not ring a bell in my head. I am unbelievably unbelieving.

However, my late father was in the habbit of watching the orthodox Easter service in TV. He liked the beautiful ceremony. It was his thought that watching and respecting something which belongs to another culture is an act of being cultural.

My father died for almost nine years ago. If I could decide which single person to return from death, it would be my father. Yrjö Larkovirta was a fine man and I miss him.

I am never going to get my dad back. But tonight I am going to respect his memory and watch the orthodox Easter service. While not believing, I am going to respect what my father did.

I wish all my friends allover the World Wide Village a happy Easter..


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  1. I’m with you in my thoughts.
    I miss my father too.

  2. Thanks, Peter! Fathers are important for us. So you just take care of yourself because you are a father.

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  4. Never thought about that……
    But it gives me a good feeling for my kids right in this moment.
    I will be hard to be as good, as my father was.

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  6. My three nieces and one nephew are getting parts of my father’s wisdom. They can absolutely not understand the way we used to live but all of them are eager to hear about it. Passing memories between generations is cool.

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